Do Catholics have a Mission to only some Protestants?

Do Catholics have a Mission to only some Protestants?   The best Protestants are Pro-Life.  They are often uneasy about being in denominations that accept the death of unborn babies.  If they support those denominations with time, effort, and money, they confuse the Pro-Life cause.

God has made His hatred of child sacrifice clear.  Pro-Life people in abortion-tolerating groups may find themselves judged according to the difficulties they caused in stopping abortion.  Catholics may find it useful to encourage them to become Catholics.

There are five basics:

1.  Most Protestants are born into various schisms and denomination with little knowledge of The Church besides the usual “Catholics worship Mary.  Catholics worship statues.”  They dislike vows of poverty, do not trust obedience, and chastity makes them uneasy.  A common belief:  “Catholics make me nervous.”

2.  Many Catholics leave The Church because they are in relationships that keep them from receiving the Sacraments.  Some end up in various schisms.  They often denigrate The Church that had provided life and sustenance to their ancestors for dozens of generations.  They find great satisfaction in reciting approved lunacies:  “I am happier now than I have ever been.  I feel free to worship God in my own way.  I have discovered The Bible.”

3.  Protestant theology is not complicated.  It is based on the belief that people get to Heaven by believing themselves to be a “good person”.  “I am a good person.” is frequently repeated in such a way as to not invite any contrary opinion from man or God.

4.  Their knowledge of history is corrupted by anti-Catholic exaggerations.  They believe “facts”, such as “The Inquisition killed millions of people.” rather than 3,500 over 350 years.

5.  Protestant beliefs are continually reinforced by Babylon’s vast media empire.  It is required to be anti-Catholic.  Few news articles or broadcasts say anything good about, or supportive of, The Catholic Church.  At every level, the basic teachings of The Church are attacked, maligned, and undermined.  “Those Catholics are rigid and intolerant.” is the desired conclusion that those easily affected by Conventional Reality are expected to reach.  “I’m glad I’m not one of them!”

Some Catholics think that trying to convert people is a waste of time.  Many conclude:  “If they renounce Christ’s words to the first Pope:  ‘Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.’, they renounce not only His Church, but also, they renounce obedience to Christ.  How can they be saved if they refuse to obey?”

Others suggest:   “We should not try to convert Protestants.  It’s a waste of time.”

The Protestant establishment is huge and complex.  The individual denominations and schisms are continually splintering.  Among those tens of thousands of separate groups, many people are Pro-Life.   If we concentrate our efforts on Pro-Life Protestants, we do two good things: We bring souls into The Church.  We strengthen the Pro-life cause.

What else can we do?