Weak links break.

Most people of Italian ancestry have had Catholic ancestors for at least fifteen hundred years.  Some have Catholic ancestors going back over 1900 years.  Some Scandinavians have Catholic ancestors going back over a thousand years.   Much of England was Catholic by 5-600 A.D.  A thousand years later, after the demonic Eighty Henry replaced Pope and Church with himself and fraud, far fewer Catholics remained.

Similarly, many in France stopped being Catholic with the Revolution.  Over a thousand years of French Catholicism began to wane.

A thousand year reign is mentioned in Revelation 20:3-8.  The reigns of Catholicism in some nations has been about a thousand years.

So, if we are Catholics, we may assume that some of our ancestors have been Catholic for at least a thousand years.  With a generation of 25 years, forty generations of Catholic ancestors are behind us.

We do not want to break the chain.  We do not want to be the weak link.  Weak links break.  We must be strong.  Obedient.  Faithful.  Don’t be the weak link in your chain.  Don’t be the end of the line.

Every day of our lives, our ancestors in Heaven are praying for us, pleading with Saints, Angels, and Whomever on High will listen to bless and protect and save our precious soul to be with them in Heaven forever.

Many of us will not make it.  Some will leave The Church, souls destroyed by the demons of pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth.

Our ancestors have perfect joy in Heaven.  If we do not make the necessary efforts to achieve enough humility and obedience to gain His saving mercy, our failure will not affect their eternal happiness.  Things are programmed so that even our greatest failure, to save our soul, will not negatively affect them.

Our ancestors in Heaven won’t even know we aren’t there.  They will not be disturbed by knowing that we will leave no links behind us.

We who fail to believe and obey will spend eternity in the agony of knowing we could have been with them in the joy of Heaven.  We will spend forever knowing that our eternal pain could have been replaced with endless joy, if we’d believed and obeyed.