England’s religion was built on the Seven Deadly Sins that ruled Big Pig.

It’s hard to think of the schisms begun by Big Pig as “churches”   Why?  The ax murderer founded England’s state religion on the Seven Deadly Sins that ruled his disgusting life.  We should compare the founding of The Catholic Church to the way Big Pig began England’s state religion.

1.  Big Pig was swollen with . He put himself above the legitimate successor to St. Peter, to whom Christ said:  “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.”  Even worse, he put himself above Christ, who clearly intended that His Church be led by St. Peter and those who would follow in his footsteps.

2.  drove Big Pig to not only control The State, but The Church.

3.  for wealth impelled Big Pig to steal Church property all over England.  Greed for adulation made him give much of the stolen property to those who flattered and praised him.

4.  turned him into the 300-400 pound really Big Pig that he was.

5.  caused him to execute over 72,000 people.  That’s a lot of anger!  Fact to keep in mind:  Protestants forget Big Pig’s slaughter, even as they blame Catholics for executing 3,500 people over the 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition.

6.  prompted him to marry six women and have many more mistresses than that.  It has been suggested that his mind was destroyed by syphilis that slowly ate it away.

7.  kept him from working to be good.  Sloth kept Big Pig sliding down, down, down from his earthly wallowing  into the deepest pits reserved for vicious, treasonous traitors like Brutus and Judas.

Two comparisons must be made.

First, compared to the Roman Catholic Church, built by Jesus on Peter, the rock Christ chose, the churches that descend from Big Pig original apostasy are built on foundations of sin.  Those in them should flee them as from a burning building.  We see that Big Pig’s church is destroying England.  The English people, cut off from fifteen hundred years of Catholicism, no longer reproduce themselves.  And, unprotected by The Church, Moslem invaders are taking over their country.  What else could happen to a nation that subsidizes Big Pig’s church?

Secondly, we must compare the rotting structures built on Big Pig’s sins to other denominations.  The Founders of other schisms are rarely as utterly corrupted as Big Pig.  Still,  none of them were built at Jesus’ direction on the Rock Jesus selected.  That thought must always be in our minds if we are tempted to anything less than The Roman Catholic Church.

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