Believe and obey or die.

There is a big change in The Catholic Church.  Once, she was pro-Western government and protected us from Moslems.  Now, The Church is at war with abortion and euthanasia sponsored by governments.  The Church seems to feel that Moslems are less of an an enemy than democracies.  Since The Church is guided by The Holy Spirit, we may pray to understand His Will.

1.  When the Tribes demanded a King, God gave them Saul, warning them that more powerful government would hurt them.

2.  When the Tribes had spread through Europe, and become Catholic, they tired of Kings.

3. When the Tribes demanded democracy, God removed the kings, or their power, and democracies began to operate.

The important point of the change:  The democracies actually reflect the will of the people.  When democracies begin to fund birth control, abortion, and euthanasia, the people are corrupted by the culture of death.

The corruption takes two forms.  In the first, people are actually in favor of getting rid of people.  In the second form, few love the threatened enough to meaningfully defend them.

How can we see that God has turned His Face from us?

Our birth rates are dropping.  Our nations are being invaded by unstoppable hordes of Moslems.   The leaders of our democracies are too heavily bribed to protect us.

Death has kicked in the door.

We may only survive if we return to The Church and obedience to Her teaching.  Otherwise, we are lost, to sterility and invasion.

Catholic Fundamentalism, the new evangelization, makes it easier to see how real God’s power is. The new evangelization explains reality.  The Loving Programmer programs in particles and energies.  He has downloaded The Creation Program like a huge 3-D movie.  All the endless details, from electrons to galaxies, chromosomes to fossils, are there to give us free will.

Each human being is free to believe and obey, or not.  Each may see the prophecies and the fact that over 300 specific references to the coming of Jesus were made.  The prophecies came true.  That is beyond the possibility of coincidence.  So we must believe, and obey.  Believe and obey or die.

It helps to understand that all was programmed to give us free will.  Those who get lost in such details tend not to believe, and are known as “intellectuals” in one of those amazing reversals of Conventionality Reality that separates sheep from goats.