Can those who remain in a church founded by a mass murderer be saved?

The sheer evil of the man is so overpowering that “Big Pig” describes him.  He murdered 72,000 of his own countrymen, mostly for the crime of holding true to their Baptism and Confirmation as Catholics.  And, he had several of his six wives decapitated by his axecutioner.  No one knows how many mistresses he had, nor how many brief affairs.  He killed his most trusted adviser, St. Thomas More, for daring to disagree.  In today’s money, dozens of billions of dollars in land, buildings, and property were stolen, at his direction.

The founder of England’s state church was a mass murderer, killer of many wives, a serial adulterer, and a thief.

Could anyone in their right mind think that such a person could found a church that would be blessed by God?  Could a church founded by such a person reasonably claim to be Christian, when its founder wallowed in more sin and death than anyone of his time?

A few million Episcopalians and Anglicans remain in the Ax-murderer’s church.  Even more bizarre:  millions more think those churches are “upper class”.  When we let such thoughts sink in, we see that lunacy lives.

Many who suffer from mental diseases are called “bi-polar”.  The souls that expect to be saved by being in a church founded by one of the most unChristian human beings in history are spiritually “bi-polar”.  Is one of the most bizarre reality disconnects in history:  “Yes, I am in a church founded by a mass murdering serial adulterer who stole billions of dollars. Supporting it will help me me get to Heaven.”?

Is being in the ax-murderer’s schism a test?  Is it there so that those who flee it for Catholicism able to be saved?

What does such a soul say at Judgment?  “I knew that my church’s founder was a mass murderer.  I have friends and family in the ax-murderer’s church.  Staying close to them was more important than acting on my knowledge of how evil its foundations are.  I know that by remaining, I am validating the evil founder.  I cannot help myself.  I am lost.”

Then, the trap door opens.

We may want to share this with those who are still lost in the pretense that evil can be forgiven by those to whom that power has not been given.  Individuals may leave, and return to The Church from which their ancestors were torn.  Is there any other way to be forgiven for having spent the earlier part of their lives in validation of the great evil that the schism’s founder did?

Interestingly, almost every Anglican and Episcopalian would think that a survivor of Jim Jones’ slaughter at Jonestown would be insane to donate to a surviving schism of Jim Jones’ church.

Pot, meet kettle.