Self-inflicted stupidity can be cured.

Liberals often say that conservatives are “stupid”.  No one seems to mind.  Conservatives, of course, are not allowed to say that “Liberals are ‘stupid'”.  What kind of a word is it that can be used by one group but not another?

Webster gives a definition that shows “stupid”  is a word that’s very judgmental:  “Stupid:  a: slow of mind : obtuse b: given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c: lacking intelligence:  brutish.”

So,  “stupid” has meaning.  It has so much meaning that those who are judged accurately by the word don’t want it applied to them.  One definition of “hate speech” is appropriately applying words like  “stupid” to others.

Usually, democracies start out with “liberty”, “equality”,  and “fraternity”.  They end up putting “equality” so far ahead of “liberty” and “fraternity” that both liberty and fraternity are destroyed as stupider people, behind the shield of “equality”, take over.  Using the word “stupid” to describe a person who obtained power by being stupid is dangerous.

As the obsession with equality speeds the descent toward dictatorship, the very concept that some individuals are “stupid” becomes increasingly intolerable.  It’s worse if whole groups of people are said to be less intelligent than other groups.  Then, people ask, “Should the vote of a stupid person count as much as the vote of a smarter person who is able to make better decisions?”  Worse, someone may inquire, “If the decision of a stupid person is different than that of a smart person, should the stupid person’s decision be obeyed?”  Such questions endanger the concept of “equality”, the very cornerstone of excessive democracy.

Those who profit most by “equality” are those who use the legislative process to get things otherwise unobtainable to them.   Some such people, as demonstrated by those elevated to power by the French and Russian revolutions, are willing to kill to get and keep what used to go to their betters;  “their betters” being a phrase as unpopular among equality addicts as the word “stupid”.   Such revolutions, incidentally, let us see why “brutish” is included in the definition of “stupid”.

Equality addicts have to pretend that not only are all people equal, but also, so are results and morals.  There can be no inequalities like good and bad, there can only be bad.  If there is bad, worse, and worst, all must be moved to the worst.

Equality addicts demand that stupider people are just as deserving of public office as smarter people.  They also demand that we think they are equally deserving.  The fact that stupid people are “given to unintelligent decisions or acts” must never be mentioned.

We must not say or think that stupid people are less likely to make good decisions.  That knowledge the elephant in the room, an elephant that may go berserk and trample everyone if anyone  dares to suggest that it is doing what “stupid” is, “acting in an unintelligent manner” and being “brutish”.

The causes of stupidity:

A very few people are born stupid, as from excessive inbreeding.  A very few others are made stupid by brain-damaging accidents.  Most make themselves stupid by short-circuiting their minds by believing lies and contradictions.    Such stupidity is magnified each time the person says one thing and does another.

Self-inflicted stupidity can be cured.

It’s hard to imagine, but true:   self-inflicted stupidity can be cured.  The first step is to believe in God, Who created hierarchies of inequalities.   The second step in curing self-inflicted stupidity?  Obeying the Commandments, paying particular attention to “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.   If we don’t lie, and tell the truth, we begin to do better.

We may even get to Heaven, once we realize that self-inflicted stupidity can be cured and start asking God to help us get better.