Evil is the Reverse of Good

Evil is the reverse of good, of God, and of His Programming.  Most of us have little difficulty in believing things that are good.Truth is good, lies are bad.  Love is good, hate is bad.  Order is good, chaos is bad. Life is good, death is bad if it’s untimely.

God, The Loving Programmer, has written and downloaded Operating Instructions for His beloved free-will programs.  He is good, and His Operating Instructions are good, so believing in Him and obeying His Operating Instructions is good.  Disbelief in Him and disobedience to His Instructions is evil.  We cannot escape the need to choose belief or disbelief;  obedience or disobedience.  All of us are programmed and downloaded within The Creation Program to use our free will.  We must  choose to believe and obey or to not do so.

Most of us are weak, so our choices are usually not 100% for or against good or evil.  Most of us will choose to love our neighbor, unless we win a big lottery prize that we don’t fully share.  Some will choose to steal, but not to kill.  Others will choose to fornicate but not commit adultery.  Most who choose to do good do some bad things.  Most of those who choose evil do some good things.

Many of us try to be better.  We try to have our choices be in accord with The Operating Instructions.

We Understand Evil by Seeing How It Differs from The Trinity.

We begin by considering The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  These three Persons of The Trinity personify the totality of all that is good.  The better we understand The Trinity, the more we know about evil.
How Catholic Fundamentalism Sees The Trinity:

Catholic Fundamentalists see God, The Father as The Loving Programmer.  We see The Son as The Program.  He took perfect, obedient, human form and came among us to be sacrificed for the forgiveness of our own programming errors.  We see The Holy Spirit as the Holy Wireless Connector, joining us  God to His Program and the Trinity to all the programmed entities, especially us beloved humans.

The Trinity is opposed by an unholy triumvirate known as  “liberty, equality, and fraternity”.  The Loving Programmer has written and downloaded The Creation Program with very precise delineations of programs and sub-programs.  The goal for the most complicated programmed entities, human beings with free will, is not to seek liberty as much as to  sacrifice it to obedience.

The Loving Programmer has programmed each entity to be different, if only in space and time, from every other program.  It is, therefore, impossible for there to be equality.

The Loving Programmer hates all that is evil.  There is no fraternization between good and evil in which goodness can be maintained.  At best, fraternity between good and evil is like combining positive and negative numbers, they cancel each other out of existence.