When Fighting Fanatics, Faith Wins

Most Christians no longer take their own Scripture very seriously. Moslems, on the other hand, totally believe in their holy writing. It has been, over the last 1400 years, hard to show that the “reason” professed by former and practicing Christians has been victorious for any length of time over the Moslem’s unquestioning faith.

Catholic Fundamentalism’s most revolutionary aspect is this: it makes it easier for us to fully believe our own Bible. Catholics and other Christians may begin by contemplating, even for one half of one minute, the basic tenet of Catholic Fundamentalism: “It is possible that God can program in three dimensions. He can program particles, compile them into systems and beings, and have them move through time. We humans are His most complicated programs. We have free will. To let us have free will, He made the commitment to write and download The Creation Program in such a way that we could not prove that He had done so.”

Making it even more unpalatable to the millions of modernist devaluators of Scriptural accuracy, Catholic Fundamentalists add: “We believe that God is smart enough to have downloaded His Creation Program in six days, programming as many angels as He needed to help get the job done as needed and on schedule. Why would He waste time?”

Soon, we understand better that every detail, including carbon-14, fossils as small as microbes, seams of coal, and layers of rock are the result of different kinds of programs that work seamlessly together. The Unprogrammed Programmer programmed assistants (whom our Iron Age ancestors called “The Hierarchy of Angels”) into being. He and His programming assistants downloaded (“brought forth”, “created”, etc.) every thing and energy, each of which is a separate program, all working together within the vast Creation Program. It includes everything from sub-atomic particles to larger compilations, like solar systems, all the way up to vast galaxies pinwheeling through space and time. These, the programming assistants “copied and pasted” putting as many of what was needed throughout The Creation Program, all things operating according to various “Speed Instructions”. After we see that it’s possible for such “The Loving Programmer” to have programmed and downloaded The Creation Program, we have to ask, “Is that possibility reasonable?”

Some are fortunate enough to have a “EUREKA!” moment when they hear “God can program in three dimensions. He programmed particles, compiled them into systems and beings, and had them move through time.” Suddenly, everything falls into place for such happy souls, and they get it immediately.

It takes longer for most of us to grasp the mind-blowing simplicity of the concept’s enormity. But, if we discipline ourselves to think about it, lots of “scientific” distractions are automatically erased from our minds. After a while, we find that we can’t disprove the basic tenets of Catholic Fundamentalism. We may then be fortunate enough to reach the conclusion that Catholicism combined with Fundamentalism is the most reasonable belief on earth.

Why? Even though Catholic Fundamentalism is the first new approach to the Roman Catholic Church since Pascal developed Probability Theory and applied it to choosing a religion, it fully supports and never contradicts the basic, unchanging Catholic teachings that were foretold by the prophets, passed on to us from the Apostles, and added to by the Teachings of The Church.

Catholic Fundamentalism gives us human, free-will programs, The Loving Programmer’s most beloved downloads, new reasons to be filled with faith and joy as we re-program our own minds, opening them to greater truth and love while bringing our own soul closer to He Who lovingly programmed it.