The First of the Month

The First of the Month gives us an opportunity to see if Catholic Fundamentalism has given us a better understanding than the old, Iron Age approaches to Him we learned when we, and the technologies around us, were much younger.

We picture Him as The Loving Programmer, Who has the power to program both particles and energies. From that, it’s an easy step to realizing that He can bring 3-D compilations of things, some as complicated as us human programs, into being as easily as a human programmer can program 2-D drawings and have them appear on a screen. We may be fortunate enough to discover that the greatest, and most common, mistake that any person can make is failing to see more of His power.

Thinking of Him as “The Unprogrammed Programmer”, or as “The Loving Programmer”, helps us see that what’s been downloaded around us is “The Creation Program”. This helps remind us that He is immensely powerful and that He loves us.

This road leads us to the conclusion that each one of us is a beloved “Human Program”, and is among His most beloved beings. Each of us “Human Programs” has free will and freely decides which Operating System (religion) he or she chooses while living within The Creation Program. Each of us will freely choose to either believe in and obey The Loving Programmer, or not. We will spend eternity on the basis of choices that run the gamut from loving to hating God and neighbor.

Catholic Fundamentalists think that reading Scripture is studying The Loving Programmer’s Old and New Programming Logs. When we see that all there is consists of what He has programmed, we realize that we have miraculously blessed to have been personally programmed within the shimmering symphony of matter, energy, time, and space that surrounds us for light years in every direction. We may be fortunate enough to realize that He has the power, through His saints and angels (to Catholic Fundamentalists, angels are “programming assistants”, often with awesome power), to reach through the vastness of The Creation Program’s time and space to guide and guard each and every one of us.

Compared to the importance of the generations of human souls for which it was programmed, The Creation Program is mostly chaff. Recognizing it as merely a battleground, on which each of us fights his own battle to choose God rather than the accumulating of programmed entities, helps get rid of our obsession with pottage and people, the programmed entities that come and go around us.