The First Protestants left Jesus

The First Protestants left Jesus after He repeated for the 12th time, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”  That was offensive to every Jewish Dietary Law.  They all agreed “This is hard!” and left Him in John 6:66.

They preferred what they wanted to believe more than they wanted to obey Jesus.  In every age, the disobedient leave Jesus.  Some, as Judas, moved from disobedience to murder for a few pieces of sliver.  Today, those who hate Jesus try to destroy The Only Church He Founded.

1,500 years after Judas, greedy men wanted to steal millions of acres from The Church.  They wanted Catholic churches, schools, monasteries, convents, orphanages, hospitals, and accommodations for the poor to gain billions of pieces of silver.

They found men who valued fame, fortune, and sex more than respecting Jesus and The Only Church He Founded.

“We’ll pay you to make up excuses why The Catholic Church is bad!  We need you to justify stealing millions of acres that Catholics are wasting on  Monasteries, Churches, Convents, Schools, Orphanages, and Accommodations for the Poor.”

Their modern Judases went to work!  Indulgences and Catholic Teachings were quickly demonized.  Armed with self-serving lies pretended to be “sound, theological reasons”, Greedy men stole Catholic properties wherever they could.  The employers of those Protestant “theologians” became “instant billionaires”!

To neutralize dissent, early Protestants went out of their way to “look” Catholic.  Their new, state-controlled clergy preached in stolen Catholic churches.  Fake priests dressed in vestments stolen from real, Catholic priests who had been ordained in living link with Jesus’ ordination of the First Catholic Bishops!

Protestant propagandists made the destruction of Catholic Europe seem respectable.  Weak Catholics did not protest as fake priests in stolen vestments provided fake communion in stolen churches.

His obedient sheep were separated from those who “went along”.  Martyrs gave their lives to defend The Only Church Jesus Founded.

Many Protestants were glad to be rid of them.  “Those Catholics take Jesus too seriously!”, Protestants have repeated, ever since John 6:66, when The First Protestants left Jesus.