Fraudsters are More to be Pitied than Censured

Some priorities never change.  It’s always important to obey the Commandments, especially when it comes to loving God and neighbor.  It’s always important to have children, raising and supporting them well.  It’s always important to avoid any self or family-damaging sin.

In reviewing several years of posts on, it’s interesting that the focus has changed.  There used to be an almost gleeful exposure of the lies, exaggerations, and Imaginary Problems that fraudsters use to make a living in an over-regulated, collectivized society.

“Dr. Michael Mann just keeps on lying about the ‘hockey stick’ and he still pretends that  global warming is a real problem because he’s desperate for money and fame.” might have been the gist of early articles.  Now,  the fraud is so obviously designed to prop up huge energy programs, transferring a couple of trillion dollars to failed energy production systems and those behind them, that it’s easy for even the unintelligent to see.  One feels sorry for the poor man, a willing shill for profiteers.

We do not feel sorry for him because he was wrong.  He deserves our pity because he was so desperate for money, status, and approval that he embraced, enhanced, and encouraged Imaginary Problems, seemingly by fraudulent means, in exchange for a little money and fame.  Now, we realize that he’s  dug himself in so deeply that he’ll probably never be able to ask God for forgiveness.  He may lose his immortal soul for all eternity.  It’s wrong to make fun of a person with that, and only that, in front of him.

He is one of  millions whose focus on earthly rewards has removed them from more important considerations.   He symbolizes many who prefer earthly gain to God.  Barring Confession and Repentance, all are headed for the same place.  Fraudsters are more to be pitied than censured.