Galatians, Chapter 5; 1, For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.

Last Sunday’s reading helps us understand how Catholic Fundamentalism set us free from the intellectual slavery that leads to the actual slavery now being imposed on many Europeans. The other side has developed depraved theories to separate us from God and yoke us to their plows. When we redefine God as The Programmer, we understand that the Bible’s accounts of Creation and all the miracles that follow are the result of His Programming. Darwinism, collectivism, and environmentalism are all seen as dangerous spiritual distractions from God and His power.

Simply saying: “God can program energy and particles. He can compile those particles into structures and beings that move through time.” is a step toward Him.

When we further understand: “The Programmer loves us, and wants us to find Him and the true happiness that only He can provide. He has given us free will to decide whether or not we should leap over the hurdles that separate us. He has programmed fossils, layers of rock, and all the things necessary to provide the Free-Will Programs (us humans) with all the information necessary to allow them to make the choice to follow Him or something less.”

Examining the human part of the world, governments and human structures, gives us even more opportunities to follow and obey. Will we love our neighbors, even if they roar by on motorcycles? Will we love politicians, even when they steal from us?

The Programmer, in His infinite wisdom, provides each of us with hourly opportunities to show that we love and obey Him.

We can begin by remembering, “God can program particles, compile them into structures and beings, and allow them to move through time.” It helps set us free of the colossal lies so beloved by the other side.