Why would God allow His people in Cuba and South Africa to be ravaged by corrupt governments?

When we see the awful prison camps that Cuba and South Africa have become, we wonder “Why would God allow countries that have so much be brought so low? What did the people do to deserve this?”

We have all committed so much sin that all but the saints among us deserve whatever punishment He imposes. But, the Cuban people never allowed abortion, had fought the good fight against birth control, and were a strongly Catholic country. Why were they reduced to bread lines and slavery? Why do they have to live in chains and poverty? Why were they, the richest country in Latin America, so thoroughly ravaged?

In South Africa, the few million remaining Caucasians are similarly being dispossessed of life, safety, and property. Why would they, who made South Africa the richest country on that Continent, be destroyed? They provided more people with better medical care, food, and prosperity than any African nation. Still, they are being slaughtered daily by political factions who can provide no other means of support for their people than by looting the few remaining Europeans.

It may be that God wanted to show all the nations in the world what could happen to them if He so desires. If He merely lifts a questioning eyebrow, countless angels seek to ascertain and do His will. His wishes are obeyed. If we open our eyes, we can see that, just as He turned His face from a Jerusalem that was twice destroyed, His displeasure can fall upon any of us in any nation.

When we remember that Troy, the mightiest city in Asia Minor, was destroyed by a handful of Greek soldiers hiding in a wooden horse, we may also realize that He also allowed a very few to begin the destruction of the once great nations of Cuba and South Africa.

There are few more important things we can do with a few minutes every day than to ask Him to spare us from such a fate, brought upon them as a reminder to us. We must pray, pray, pray that His retribution does not similarly sweep away what we hold dear, undeserving of His mercy though we are.