God is angry with His people.

The First Programming Log tells us that The Loving Programmer chose prophets.  Prophets let people know about His warnings of coming punishments for disobedience.   Some of those who heard the prophets heeded.  Some reformed their lives.   Others took prophecies of doom seriously enough to move to other nations.  As a result, the Twelve Tribes had people scattered all over Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Most people ignored the prophets.  Their disobedience was followed by suffering.

Since Christ, The Loving Programmer has sent no prophets.  We have The Holy Spirit.  We have The Roman Catholic Church.  We have the Sacraments.  We do not have prophets.

We don’t need prophets to tell us:  God is angry with His people.  Many have allowed themselves to be separated from His Church by schisms.  Schisms have brought confusion.  The divisions led to disaffection, disbelief, and disobedience.  That has crystallized into the awful evils of abortion.

Divisions and schisms were caused, and are sustained, by the corrupting virus.

The Scourge of God is falling.  Growing areas of once-Catholic Europe are no longer safe for Christians and Jews.  Every day, Moslems take greater control of Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

We may, as Roman Catholics, pray that we be spared from the scourge, even though we have not done as much as we could to stop the splits and schisms that are destroying us.  His mercy may spare us.

If we do not unite in  The Church He began when He told the first Pope:  “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”, we are lost.  If we do not stop the sacrifice of unborn children, we will be driven into slavery and death by His scourge.

Mercy can only come from Him, and it will only come when we are fully obedient to all of Christ’s teaching.