God, Printer of 3-D Printers

Catholic Fundamentalism began with the notion that God programs in particles. He wrote and downloaded The Creation Program out of 3-D pixels. They formed the elements and compounds with which The Creation Program is compiled.

Some of the 3-D pixels are formed into plants and animals. They are alive and reproduce themselves. Each member of each species is a “mini 3-D printer”.

The fertilized seed of any living program is able to download its structure from the Nutrient Programs. The Nutrient Programs include water, light, and whatever that Program uses for food.

Other parts of The Creation Program were written and downloaded to give The Free Will Programs (that’s us!) the need to choose whether or not we would believe in, and obey, The Loving Programmer. Stars, for instance, are utterly useless to us in our daily lives. Why are they there? They provide the illusion of time and space that many worship instead of The Loving Programmer.

Why are there an endless variety of clouds, plants, and combinations of minerals? For the same reason there are stars! Every part of The Creation Program provides us with Nutrients, Free Will, or both.

Brains are designed to hold varying amounts of information about The Creation Program. Smarter people know more. That is not always an advantage. Many of them think they know so much they do not see The Loving Programmer Who wrote and downloaded The Program.

He did provide Operating Instructions. Those blessed with being able to see and understand God, Printer of 3-D Printers, tend to obey The Operating Instructions. They provide clues to The Loving Programmer.

The Creation Program was written and downloaded to force each person to choose between obedience or self-will. Prophets predicted things that came true. The odds against such things happening by accident drives many to belief. Others are drawn by love. Each human program has two poles, one draws toward God, one repels.

We pray that we are chosen to believe, obey, and have our soul, the organizing principle down which our mind and bodies are printed, live forever in love with God, Printer of 3-D Printers.

Those blessed with obedience are among “You are My friends if you obey My commands.”

They obediently follow His Decree:  “Verily, verily I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”