Why has God turned His Face from us?



Europe and North America are being invaded.  Every day brings more invaders.  The Scourge of God is falling on the same nations God once blessed with prosperity and plenty.  Why has God turned His Face from us?

Why has God turned His Face from us?  Today, Moslems are more obedient to God than many Christians.

It is true that The Catholic Church continues to condemn abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.

But, “The Thousand Year Reign” of The Catholic Church over Western Christendom ended five hundred years ago.  With Luther, “the dragon was unchained from the abyss”.

For the first few centuries after Luther, the Catholic “Moral Momentum” continued to protect the unborn.  In the last century, the Catholic “Moral Momentum” gave out.  Countless millions embraced the bizarre notion:  “I only need to believe in Jesus and The Bible to be saved!”

Hundreds of thousands of Protestant Pastors pound their pulpits, proudly proclaiming, “Jesus loves you!” to people whose donations and denominations support abortion and abortion-inducing birth control.

Sensitive Christians see the awful truth:  “We have killed a billion of our own babies by abortion.   We have killed billions more with abortion-inducing birth control.  We have sinned, awfully and terribly.  There are rivers of blood on our hands. We are drowning in theological lunacy!”

Honest Christians understand:  “The Moslem faith condemns abortion and artificial birth control.  Moslem morality is actually closer to Catholic teaching than our own, Protestant denominations.”

What are Christians to do?  First, we consider what Jesus said:  “Where your money is, there is your heart.”  Then, we ask the tough question:   “If we support denominations too cowardly to condemn abortion and abortion-inducing birth control, is it possible to be saved?”

Why has God turned His Face from us?  Maybe, He has not.   It may be that the clamoring confusion of 45,000 conflicting, competing denominations has led us to turn our face from Him.

The only conclusion:  If we all obeyed Catholic Teaching, God would not turn His Face from us.  It is best to heed The Church Jesus Founded.   Until then, we see that God has made much of Europe utterly unable to stop the Pro-Life invaders.