God used early Protestants to teach what lesson?

The Loving Programmer wrote and downloaded The Creation Program, using the energies and particles with which He programs.  He very carefully put it together so that our view of Him on earth would be increasingly obscured as our faith differed from how He wanted us to worship.

God’s words to the first Pope, “Thou art Peter, and on this rock, I build My Church.” announced to the ages that He wanted us to be Catholic.  That is the only way we could put into practice His other injunctions, “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”  and His words to the first priests/Bishops:  “Those whose sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in Heaven.  Those whose sins you do not forgive on earth are not forgiven in Heaven.”

Some are able to read Scripture and understand that it is God’s desire that they be in The Church still run by the legitimate successors of Peter.   Others are not as blessed.  They may be so vain that they choose other beliefs.  These schismatics often call themselves “Protestant”.  The founders of such schisms have based their faith on disagreeing with God.

The Arians wanted to set up their own church, rather than support Rome.  To justify it, they insisted The Son was not equal to The Father and The Holy Spirit.  Between 300 and 700 AD, early Protestants convinced many European peoples to leave The Roman Catholic Church.  The Arian beliefs, and armed forces, were finally defeated.  Still, many were hostile toward the idea that Christ, the equal to The Father and The Holy Spirit, had ordained only One Church, and that it was to be under the authority of Peter’s legitimate successor.

The vanity of wanting their own, Protestant Church, remained.  It grew in Greece.

The Church in Greece slowly separated itself from The Roman Catholic Church.  By the end of the 600s, God tried to teach them a lesson.  He’d had allowed Mohammed build up an army and attack the Greek lands.  The Greek Church/State was defeated, time after time.  Their Empire shriveled as their apostasy was unshaken.  Syria was captured.  Then, piece after piece of Turkey was taken by the Scourge of God.

God did not allow a Moses or  a Gideon to rise and save those who  disobeyed Him.  He abandoned them to their own counsel.  He made the results of disobeying Him obvious.  We, who see His Scourge falling today, should remember as we plea to be spared.  God did not allow a Moses or  a Gideon to rise and save those who  disobeyed Him.  He abandoned them to their own counsel.

The Greeks chose to remain in stubborn disobedience.  So, God had His scourge continue to fall.  The Balkans were taken.  After more than a thousand years of very painful lessons the Greeks were too stubborn, too vain, too self-important to learn, their Capitol, once the richest and most prosperous of Christian cities, fell to the Scourge of God.   Constantinople, final remnant of Rome, was gone.

Fleeing from the burning city, two once-wealthy Greek merchants had a moment of conversation as they rested.  One said to the other:  “We are still right about The Trinity.  The Son is not equal to The Father and The Spirit.”

The other early Protestant agreed, his nod clearly illuminated by the flames.