God’s Pyramid Scheme.

Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of finding ourselves approached by salespeople for various Pyramid Schemes. “If you sell our products, you get a commission. If you get your acquaintances to sell our products, they get a commission, and you get a commission on what they sell. If those people find friends to sell our products, you get a commission on what they sell, too.”

Eventually, if you get enough people to sign enough people to sign up enough people to sign up even more people, you could have all the money in the world.

These schemers wittingly or unwittingly follow God’s program for evangelization. The 12 Apostles signed up lots of Jews as they went from synagogue to synagogue To be sure. They were rewarded in Heaven, not only for the converts they made, but also, for the converts that those converts made.

Some went beyond converting Jews. They converted other children of Abraham. Soon, missionaries approached all the descendents of Shem. On reaching Hamites and Japhethites, billions upon billions of people came closer to God.

In God’s Pyramid Scheme, the original Apostles and all contributing evangelists, continue to get credit for conversions attributable to their efforts.

Catholic Fundamentalism is a new approach to the Roman Catholic Church. Understanding ever more fully the implications that “God can program particles” gives each one of us an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new way to draw souls closer to God.

No money. All we have to do is encourage people to download New Road to Rome. That can be done, for free, in the “Our Books” section at the top of the home pate.

And, we can familiarize ourselves with the catholicfundamentalism.com web site. If we help others to understand God’s ability to program three dimensional structures and they get into The Only Church He Founded, we get Heaven Credits!

If they, in turn, pass that suggestion on to others, they get Heaven Credits, and we, ourselves, get more. God’s Pyramid Scheme.

It’s better to get busy right now. No matter how old you are when you get started, you get the same amount as lifelong evangelizers. No matter how late we get started, we still get paid the same amount

Still, it’s better to get started. Download New Road to Rome. Get started. If it’s too much to do all at once, just read the first few pages, so that you understand what words really are, and skip around.

Then, tell others about this new approach to the oldest Church. Reap the endless rewards! Get into God’s Pyramid Scheme!