“I am a good person.” Hogwash.

Many passages in the Bible tell us that all human souls will be judged. It is made clear that some go to Heaven and eternal joy. Others find themselves in the everlasting opposite.

Most people pay little attention. When the thought crosses our mind, an evil imp within has us repeat the insane notion: “I am a good person.” We find that comforting enough to let us continue in whatever error we have embraced.

Thinking to ourselves, “I am a good person.” is a colossal mistake. Saying to others, “I am a good person.” is even worse. We are not good. We are filled with evil thoughts, feelings, and desires. When we say to ourselves or to others, “I am a good person.” we are telling a huge lie. Only God is good.

It is better to say: “God, I am a sinful wretch. Help me to be a better person. Help me to believe and obey so that I can get to Heaven.” Who would not agree that God responds to that much more positively than He does to the usual ego-maniacal announcement from the corrupted sinner, “I am a good person.”

At best, we tend to be shallow and self-centered. When we consider the utter vileness of many thoughts in our minds we better understand the corruption within. The realistic awareness of our shortcomings keeps us from irritating, if not insulting, God by telling Him “I am a good person.”

“I am a good person.” Hogwash.