What is government? A Gang of Governors!


What is Government?  A Gang of Governors!  The first Gang of Governors built The Tower of Babel.  “We must enslave you to build a huge tower to get you into Heaven!”

After mankind was divided, some Gangs of Governors built pyramids.  Other Gangs of Governors kept people enslaved by forcing them to build walls, roads, dams, castles, and canals.   “You are better off because of what we make you do!”

During “The Thousand Year Reign” of the Roman Catholic Church over Western Christendom, a bizarre notion surfaced:  “Cathedrals provide a fitting place where bread and wine will turn into The Body and Blood of Christ.   Cathedrals will help you and your descendants’ souls get to Heaven.”

Catholic monarchs, nobles, and cities were quickly convinced to construct incredible Catholic Cathedrals.   Voluntary contributions of money and time paid for moving, cutting, polishing, and lifting huge stones into the sky became skills that no Gangs of Governors had ever attempted.

Throughout Europe, Cathedrals dominated the skyline.   Flying buttresses supported higher arches.   Spires soared into the sky.  Never had stones been made to fly easily through the air.  Never had such complicated mathematics as Spherical Trigonometry been so widely applied.   Never had metal been cast into such huge bells as those that called Catholics to Communion.  Never had people at every level in society been involved in centuries of voluntary effort.

Those who loved power were jealous.  “People are spending too much time and effort on saving their souls through Christ and His Church.  We need them to give us money!”

Variations of the mathematics that allowed arches and spires to soar could were soon used to compute artillery trajectories.  The  metallurgy that allowed great bells to be cast was used to make bigger and better cannons.

Imperialistic Protestantism saw the gain in perverting such technologies to their own desires for power.  Governments turned technology against The Church Jesus Founded.   Five hundred years ago, “The dragon was unchained from the abyss.”  Gangs of Governors became enemies of The Church.

Five hundred years ago, “The thousand year reign” of The Catholic Church over Christendom was fragmented.

Still, obedient Catholics go to great Cathedrals and gratefully receive The Body and Blood of He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies, despite Gangs of Governors who want The Church to completely disappear.