God uses Democracy to test souls.


Many see the confusion of good and evil in political systems and ask, “Why did God give us democracy?”  Some are blessed to understand:  God uses Democracy to test souls.

Many of our ancestors survived persecution by Moslems, Imperialistic Protestantism, Communists, Nazis, and tyrants in Europe and Asia.  Many came to America.  Comparative freedom and hard work brought prosperity to them and their descendants.

Now, we are not tested by tyranny, but by plenty.

God uses Democracy to test souls.   In every election, some candidates are in favor of balancing budgets of states by abortion. “Without abortion, we will be overrun by the poor!”

Those who knowingly vote for a more Pro-Abortion candidate separate themselves from God by their decision to protect prosperity by killing their most helpless neighbors.

Such souls are shrunken, shriveled, and stained by selfishness.

At Judgment, they are easily identified.   Democracy provides an automatic Judgment of every voter’s soul.

The Only Church Jesus Founded, about which He said “. . . and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”, provides unusual clarity on the Judgment of Souls.  The Faith Handed Down From The Apostles teaches that “Anyone who helps another to procure an abortion is automatically excommunicated.”

When a voter makes a conscious choice to vote for a candidate who will fund and encourage the killing of the unborn, he or she is putting earthly self interest above obedience.  Every vote for a Pro-Abortion candidate “helps another to procure an abortion”.

Such a vote places oneself among those who are  “automatically excommunicated”.

We understand why those who worship the things of earth hate The Only Church Jesus Founded.  As St. Columban said, “Without a battle, there is no victory. Without a victory, there is no crown.”

Our vote shows where we stand in the battle for life against death.  God uses Democracy to test souls.  Each soul!  Our soul!