Hatred manifests itself

Hatred manifests itself in hurting other people. Clever haters generally mask their efforts with pretenses of assistance. “We are making things fairer.” is a common camouflage for things that will impoverish or shorten the lives of their neighbors.

It’s very hard to get hate-filled people to love their neighbors and want to do anything to actually help them. The old adage, “If I’m in an accident, and a liberal drives by, he won’t stop to help, but will bemoan the lack of a government program to provide assistance.” is true. Those who separate themselves from their neighbors will not sacrifice to make things better, but will be eager to establish a new bureau that will pretend to do so.

The distance of self from neighbor measures the hatred a lost soul feels toward others. Haters are rarely as filled with hate as, for instance Jim Jones, who killed hundreds of his followers when his position among them was threatened. They are rarely as filled with hatred as the Communists who sent infantry into Ukrainian houses to slaughter the inhabitants. But, they are often filled with enough hate to ravage their neighbors with high taxes, unnecessary regulations, and rules that will make their neighbors’ lives more unpleasant.

Most haters focus their activities on some idol or another. For some, Global Warming provides an excuse to take things away from people. “Mustn’t make the planet too hot.” Others prefer speed limits. “Can’t go too fast, might get hurt.” Some concentrate on food. “Better not eat that.”

There is no healthy human activity they encourage. The only behavior of which they approve is that which shortens lives, and many among them believe that everyone a few years older than them has already lived too long.

They do not only attack life, but also truth and goodness. Collectives are preferred to families, cooperatives to businesses, and communal living to private property. Once they take command of the armed forces, those who head these organizations can replace the smarter, more moral people whom they hate. Officers who are not gentlemen take over, hastening the collapse and destruction for which the hate-filled live.