Heaven as Programming HQ.

We human programs are downloaded within the huge, automated galaxies whose components act according to immutable laws. There is no moral contest about the activities of the physical parts of The Creation Program.They are a giant movie set in which we each play our starring role.

We human programs have free will. So, we become the moral choices we make. Every day, we choose any number of things to think, say, and do. The Program has been downloaded with necessary detail to provide us with free will. If we are blessed, we soon realize The Loving Programmer is behind The Creation Program.

The closest that any earthly literature has come to describing God is as “The man behind the curtain.” in the Wizard of Oz.

The Programmer, unlike the Wizard who wants to be invisible, wants those whom He has chosen to see Him behind The Program. The Loving Programmer and His Programming Assistants, known as “angels” in the Iron Ages, wrote and downloaded all the complexities there are.

They filled The Creation Program with details. We, His beloved human programs, are among His most complicated compilations. We are programmed to absorb information about The Creation Program in our minds, each of which is a “mini-Creation Program”. Why all this complexity? He wants us to make choices. Lots and lots of choices.

All choices come down to this: Each of us will choose to either sufficiently obey The Loving Programmer’s Operating Instructions, or not.

Some will choose to believe by after realizing there is one fact available to us: A group of people were chosen to receive and pass on information about future downloads provided by The Loving Programmer to His prophets. Over three hundred separate prophecies refer to the coming of Someone Who will erase corrupting errors in human programs and allow some of them to have their individual program’s essence, their soul, cleansed and uploaded to His presence.

In the Iron Ages, those who were saved were said to go to “Heaven”. Catholic Fundamentalism realizes that today, with our technology, we may think of those who are near The Loving Programmer as being in “Programming HQ”. Heaven as Programming HQ.

There, those who chose to be saved spend eternity in the presence of truth and love. They will be in joy forever.

How are we saved? How do we get to Heaven? We look at He Who fulfilled the prophecies. He said the most bizarre thing anyone ever said: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood, you do not have life in you.”

Those who are truly believing and obedient will get past that most unusual of statements and understand this, the most important information on earth: “He Founded One Church by saying ‘Thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church. . .’ That Church has been providing His Body and Blood to the most faithful believers since The Last Supper.”

Those who truly believe His clear, direct Operating Instructions do whatever is necessary to worthily receive His Body and Blood.

The others choose various delusions, illusions, and confusions. The lost do not want to hear hard facts about Him and the Only Church He Founded. Lost souls don’t do what is necessary, become Catholic, from His clear words: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

Lost souls prefer vanity and chasing the wind. We may, and must, pray that they choose humility and obedience, instead.