Invincible Ignorance is a deadly trap.

The Church has long held that some people have an ignorance that is impossible to overcome. One conclusion? They may, therefore, get to Heaven since it is not their fault they can’t do what’s necessary to save their souls by believing and obeying The Church Jesus Founded.

Many people refuse to heed Church teaching. Does Invincible Ignorance justify doing wrong? Does it justify hurting neighbors? Abortion? Fornication? Rampant divorce and remarriage? Does Invincible Ignorance justify being in schisms that allow such things? How much can Invincible Ignorance let us get away with?

The Fathers and Doctors of The Church dealt with Invincible Ignorance with wisdom and piety. They recognized it as a complicated moral issue.

Catholic Fundamentalism respectfully proffers a simpler suggestion: The theory of Invincible Ignorance is one way The Loving Programmer has automated the Judgment Process so that The Garden becomes self-weeding. Invincible Ignorance has been provided as an excuse that, when grasped and used to excuse sin, automatically throws a person’s soul into the proper circle of hell.
As soon as someone thinks, “I don’t have to do that because I am invincibly ignorant of the rule and the consequences of breaking it.” that person is no longer invincibly ignorant. He has recognized that he is using his ignorance to continue in error.

That is a lie that separates us from God.

If one continues in such error, Invincible Ignorance does not protect from, but adds to, punishment. Lies and deceptions cause additional pain. When people try to use Invincible Ignorance as an excuse to avoid belief and obedience, it becomes a heavy weight, dragging the soul to ever more painful depths.

Those in the various Protestant schisms must be particularly aware of the danger. Stubbornly saying, “I am happy in my man-made denomination and I do not want to hear reasons why I should be Catholic.” is an example of terrifying risk.

Invincible Ignorance is a deadly trap. With God’s help, we may avoid it.