Hector Protector

Nursery rhymes have been largely removed from public elementary schools. Many of them are Politically Incorrect.

One of the most Politically Incorrect nursery rhymes is:

Hector Protector

Hector Protector was all dressed in green.
Hector Protector was sent to the Queen.
The Queen did not want him.
No more did the King.
So, Hector Protector was sent home, again.

In a democracy, where promotion and riches come to those who “protect” us from every imaginable problem, Hector Protectors are in great demand. In low-cost governments, run by a King or Queen who needed to keep subjects safe and productive, unnecessary interference in families, churches, businesses, and recreation was, except for mandatory archery practice, kept to a minimum.

The manic do-gooder personality, perfectly personified by Hector Protector, was shunned by all. Would that those days return.