Higher Education, a mansion of the Culture of Death, hates motherhood.

The Culture of Death is like an octopus.  Its tentacles are hidden inside beautiful mansions.  There, they squeeze love and life from all who get far enough inside.  Higher education, a mansion of the Culture of Death, has a particular hatred of  motherhood.

Why does the Culture of Death hate motherhood?  Motherhood turns love into human form.  Those who hate motherhood’s selfless love and life have invented a twisted economic system that pretends to provide short-term, materialistic rewards to distract young women from marriage and children.  That tentacle is hidden in Higher Education, a mansion of the Culture of Death.

Those in the Culture of Death are desperate to keep women working and paying taxes.  Women who are busy with families and children aren’t being taxed to pay the salaries of those in the Culture of Death.  Young girls had been marrying in their teens and taking care of their families for thousands of preceding years.

The Culture of Death needed to stop that.Twenty years ago, high schools routinely offered classes in “Home Economics”.  In those classes, young girls learned how to manage a household and take care of a family as soon as they were eighteen, and out of high school.

The higher education tentacle of the Culture of Death convinced young women to spend time and money in their impressive mansion of Higher Education.  Home Economics was replaced with “State Economics”.  Young women were encouraged to avoid being wives and mothers.   Millions of women were told, “Wait, and have children when you can afford it.” even as they were cunningly convinced to burden themselves with huge debt loads to take years of largely useless courses in fields of study that existed only to exalt every aspect of the Culture of Death.

The bamboozled women wasted years of their lives on faddy drivel.  They were too distracted by thoughts of self-importance to bring into being the immortal souls of children they would never have.

Four years of undergraduate barrenness was not enough to satiate the Culture of Death.  Implied promises of “government jobs” with guaranteed salaries, benefits, and pensions were made.  The most gullible and impressionable young women were convinced that wasting even more years on useless studies provided all the proof necessary that they were “intellectuals”.  Many sank even more deeply into debt, spending more years to obtain the “advanced degrees” that were required to get the proffered employment.

Little education took place.  No one cared.  The important thing was that jobs were provided for the growing number of barren women by, and in, the buzzing drone-horde of Higher Education, a mansion of the Culture of Death.

Millions of women now have advanced degrees in any number of mostly useless subjects.  Too many are childless and alone forever.  The promised satisfaction has evaporated.  Those who might remind them that “God is love.” are avoided, so even the eternal lives of their souls are endangered.

A few are able to escape to the world’s greatest haven of life and love.  The Roman Catholic Church remains the safest refuge for those who love life and want to pass on the precious gift of life to those neither conceived nor born.