His Programs are what we know.

As I look out my window this morning, a robin is hopping around the yard, looking for something small to eat.

As a Catholic Fundamentalist, I understand that the “robin” at which I’m looking is actually a representative of “The Robin Program.” “Robin” is an adjective describing the type of Bird Program we know as “Robin”. Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that “Robin”, like most nouns, should be considered an “adjective”. “Robin” describes what sort of a Bird Program it is that I’m seeing. In that sense, the nouns we see are actually “adjectives”, modifying the universal noun, “Program” that follows, unspoken.

Right now, the Robin Program in the yard is trying to forcibly integrate one of the Worm Programs into its larger, more powerful Robin Program. He is hopping over various grass and weed programs in search of a downloadable Worm Program. Over the Robin Program’s head are the many sub-programs, nitrogen, oxygen, and what-not that comprise the Atmosphere Program.

Far, far above the Atmosphere Program, the Sun Program provides the energy it has been programmed to provide to sustain the many living programs on The Earth Program. Beneath the Robin Program, layers of mineral programs reach down to the molten core.

All of the Sub-Programs in The Creation Program work well together. They were arranged in perfect order by The Loving Programmer and His Nine Choirs of Sub-Programmers. Our minds joyfully comprehend that reality more completely by understanding that our entire linguistic structure should be modified to better understand The Loving Programmer’s Power. Each “noun” is actually an adjective that tells us which sub-program we’re considering.

We grow closer to The Unprogrammed Programmer by understanding that every separate entity is a program within The Creation Program. The Robin Program out in the yard is in the process of finding a place where he can help his mate create their own nest program out of materials that have been programmed with that, and many other intended uses, utilizing the Three Dimensional Programmer’s many, many, many Sub-Programs.

He and his mate will then download the combination of their individual Robin Programs in the form of beautiful blue eggs surrounded by the mud lining of the Nest Program they have, as programmed, downloaded within the branches of one of the nearby Maple Programs.

His Programs are what we know. Each of His Programs is reflected within our mind so that we can make sense of things. Some are led to believe in The Loving Programmer and choose to obey His Operating Instructions.

Others choose to conclude that we, and all that is around us, are the results of accidents. The Program is written so that all are free to choose to believe and obey The Loving Programmer. Or, not. We are each free to study the Prophets’ predictions. Or, not. We may find our way to Jesus, the Promised Deliverance from errors, and make our way to The Only Church He Founded. Or, not.

Many people choose to pay more attention to The Programs He programmed than to The Loving Programmer. That is a big mistake with eternal consequences.