History repeats itself in this “One-minute Reason to ‘Be Catholic’!” #17.

Catholics know when, where, why, and how History will soon stop “repeating itself”.


Question 1:  “How does ‘History repeat itself’ in Today’s Catholic Reading?”

Answer:  “In 2 Chr 24:17-25 Catholics learn Three Facts:  ‘History repeats itself’ with God’s Punishment for those who love money more than Him:

Fact 1:  Many wealthy, powerful people lead others to disobey God and

Fact 2:  God punishes those who disobey Him.

An early example:  ‘After Jehoiada died, the princes of Judah came and paid homage to King Joash, and The King listened to them.’


Question 2:  “What did many wealthy, powerful ‘princes’ tell King Joash to do?”

Answer:  “They wanted their King to ‘forsake the temple of The Lord, the God of their fathers,
and begin to serve the sacred poles and the idols . .’ 


Question 3:  “Why did ‘wealthy princes’ want people to forsake God and turn to Baal?”

Answer:  “Fact 3:  This History ‘repeats itself’:   Many wealthy ‘princes’ want babies to be sacrificed so their parents will waste their lives working cheaply for them.”


Question 3:  “Did God warn ‘the people’ that He would punish them for obeying their ‘princes and King’?”

Answer:  “God made Zechariah ‘take his stand above the people and say to them:  ‘God asks:  ‘Why are you transgressing The Lord’s commands so that you cannot prosper?  Because you have abandoned The Lord, He has abandoned you.’


Question 4:  “How did the wealthy, powerful ‘princes’ and ‘King’ react?”

Answer:  “The ‘princes and King’, along with the Profiteers of early Protestantism, got many of ‘the people’ to have Zechariah ‘stoned to death’ for criticizing their disobedience to God.”


Question 4:  “How did God punish them?”

Answer:  “‘At the turn of the year, a force of Arameans came up against Joash.  They invaded Judah and Jerusalem, did away with all the princes of the people, and sent all their spoils to the king of Damascus.’  After He had the Arameans do that with ‘very few men’, God had King Joash killed by his ‘servants’!”


Question 5:  “Does God still destroy ‘princes’, ‘kings’, and ‘the people’ who disobey Him?”

Answer:  “Since Jesus, disobedience is punished differently!  Jesus made it clear that every person has an immortal soul.  The souls of ‘princes’, ‘kings’, and ‘the people’ in every age who keep parents from loving, having, and raising children appear to escape ‘punishment’ on earth.”


Question 6:  “What happens to their immortal souls at Final Judgment?”

Answer:  “God honors the dying words of Zechariah:  ‘And as Zechariah was dying, he said, ‘May The Lord see and avenge.’ 

God also hears the souls of ‘witnesses to life’ (Rev. 11:1-14) who are kept from being born and raised in loving families.  Rev 6:9-11 tells us their souls are ‘crying out for vengeance’.”


Catholics know:  That is when History stops repeating itself.