How old is the world?

The person who asks “How old is the world?” usually knows how old he believes it to be and is looking for an opportunity to share that information.  Protestant Fundamentalists generally believe the world is in the neighborhood of 6,000 years old.

Many Protestant Fundamentalists begin with the date of creation provided by Bishop Ussher,  4004 B.C.  They add to that whatever year it is after Jesus.  This year, they add 4004 to 2013 and come up with an age of Creation that’s 6017 years ago.

Catholic Fundamentalism takes a similar, but more Scriptural approach.  We add the Protestant Fundamentalist’s creation date of 4004 B.C, to the current A.D. year.  Then, we add in what the First Pope wrote in 2 Peter 3:8:  “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends:  With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.”  That’s why Catholic Fundamentalism concludes that either six or seven thousand years should be added to the approximately 4004 B.C. years and the 2013 A.D.  years.

Why is there a difference among Catholic Fundamentalists as to whether we should add six or seven thousand years?  The “6,000 year Catholic Fundamentalists” look at the actual six days of Programming and Downloading.  They agree with St. Peter that each of those days was a thousand years long.  That puts the date of creation for the “6,000 year Catholic Fundamentalists at 12,017 years ago.

The “7,000 year Catholic Fundamentalists” add another thousand years for the “day of rest”.  By adding 7,000 years onto the 4004 B.C. years + the 2013 current A.D. years, they calculate the world to be 13, 017 years old.

Why is the date of creation important?  It is a measure of faith.  He made the earth with fossils, carbon-14, and all the other stage props so people could justify ignoring Him.

Those who chose not to believe in God’s ability to write and download The Creation Program quickly and efficiently are in danger of falling into the trap of believing the earth is billions of years old.  The less powerful a person believes God to be, the less wise the person is.  Why?  Scripture tells us “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.”  A God believed to have written and downloaded The Creation Program in six days, whether it took six 24 hour days or 6,000 years is far more to be feared than a God believed to have taken billions of years to do the same thing.  Since our wisdom may reasonably be concluded to be in direct proportion to the fear we have of displeasing God, the more fearful we find God, the wiser we become.

A person’s belief in the age of the world is directly proportional to a person’s ability to believe and obey sufficiently to get into Heaven.  The answer to:  How old is the world? reflects a person’s belief in God’s ability.

Sadly, many gullible souls are vulnerable to vanity.  They believe they’re “intellectual” because they are able to absorb and repeat what others with exaggerated opinions of their own mental capacities announce, “The world is twenty billion years old and may have begun with a big bang.”

Those sharing that opinion are able to repeat it frequently with a perfectly straight face.

Those people have this in common:  Their guardian angels have left them.   They face the world alone, and make endless bad decisions.  The effects of their decisions are proportionate to the distance they put between themselves and God.  The farther from God, the more damaging their beliefs and mistakes are to themselves and those around them.

Hordes of such pseudo-intellectuals, like lemmings, are heading toward the brink of a very long fall.

It is our duty, as Catholic Fundamentalists, to explain to them:

“You have embraced a chronology that separates you from God and His power to save the soul you are reluctant to admit you have.  Picture God as The Loving Programmer, and understand that His awesome power has allowed Him to program, download, and compile particles into systems and beings, much the same way that human programmers write and download realistic computer graphics in a movie.  He did all this to give each of His beloved human programs a chance to look at the evidence and either believe and obey Him or do what their vanity drives them to do.  The sooner each of us makes the right choice, the better our chances of getting into Heaven.”

We should, as Catholic Fundamentalists, be able to point out that He has programmed The Garden so that it is self-weeding.  We do not want the neighbors we are commanded to love to throw themselves into the fire.