Catholic Fundamentalism or a more conventional reality?

All human thoughts, words, and actions boil down to one thing:  each of us has to make the decision to believe and obey.  Or, not.  For some, that decision is between Catholic Fundamentalism and Conventional Reality.

Every person on earth has seen a picture or statue of Christ on the cross.  Humanity is divided between those who ask “Who is that?  Why did that happen?”  and are drawn to investigate the bleeding, crucified man, often displayed on or in a large, expensive building.  If they are fortunate, they will understand that the painful death voluntarily accepted by the man on the cross is the doorway to a higher reality.

As they look for the reason the bleeding man is on the cross, some people want to learn about  the prophecies that preceded Jesus and the miracles that came after Him.  Those blessed with the desire to know more will find greater access to something greater than is to be found in the Conventional Reality with which they are surrounded.


Many people shrug and pass by the same pictures or statues of the crucifixion.   Some passages in Scripture describe them as chaff.  Weeds.  Goats.  Left behind.

Catholic Fundamentalism suggests that we may increase our understanding of the higher reality by using the vocabularies and technologies of our time and conclude:

The Loving Programmer wrote The Creation Program.  The Creation Program took perfect, obedient human form and came among us.  The Loving Programmer wrote and The Creation Program was written.  The Holy Wireless Connector, Verb of Verbs, was the act of writing.

Then, The Creation Program was downloaded.  It took six days.  Programming Assistants, living energies, became Programming Assistants.  They copied and pasted galaxy programs all over the sky.  And, they compiled and downloaded the mineral programs.   They downloaded The Creation Program, from viruses to whales.

Adam was the most complicated sub-program within The Creation Program.  His free will program could not, at first, replicate. The Loving Programmer copied and altered the Adam Program and provided Eve so that the human programs could replicate themselves.

The Loving Programmer wanted the human programs to have free will.  So, He made sure The Creation Program was so complicated that not one human program could find a single programmed entity that would prove The Loving Programmer had, or had not, written and downloaded it within The Creation Program.

Lots of human programs say they seek truth.  “If He would show me that He was real, then I would believe.” they insist, not realizing that those who give orders to God are automatically disqualified.  When they such things, they think they’ve said something very smart.

Other people who feel that they, too, are very smart, and agree emphatically.  “If He’d show me that He was real, I would believe, too.” some people say.  Some think and say such things until the self-weeding Garden’s trap door opens.