I should have said:

We have a duty to share the wonder of The Only Church Jesus Founded. Here’s a way.

You are in a line, or about to buy something or get somewhere, and there’s only one left. Another person wants it, but you were there first. Usually, the person will say, “Well, you were here first.” and we say “Thank you.” and go ahead.

A response: “No, you go ahead. I did want that. But, I am a Catholic. The best I can hope for is a very painful period in Purgatory. Letting you go ahead of me may shorten my burn time by ten or fifteen minutes. I’d be a fool to pass up a chance to spare myself that much pain.”

Taking advantage of such opportunities may lead a lapsed Catholic to think about soul more than mind or body. It’s a good idea to prepare for such moments and to ask The Holy Spirit for guidance when they occur. Then, you don’t have to say to yourself, “I should have said _________.”

Using an opportunity to say the right “I should have said: ____.” helps our soul. It’s a tiny, tiny thing compared to the vast debt we owe.