War for souls

Angels are God’s Programming Assistants. They helped The Loving Programmer download The Creation Program. Now, they do the important work of maintaining The Creation Program. Angels are also involved at the moment a new Free Will Program is written and downloaded. That was called “conception” in the Iron Age.

Catholic Fundamentalism helps us understand that each person is one of God’s beloved Free Will Programs. Each is compiled from the huge storehouse of genetic material that’s stored from countless generations in each sperm and egg. The new human program, each a little universe unto itself, is written and downloaded in a miraculous moment of joy. The soul that springs into being at that moment is the organizing principle around with the spirit, mind, and body is downloaded.

Each of us is very much like what we were at that moment. Original errors in the first humans have been passed along. Those errors are erased by Baptism, which is where some human programs are blessed with restoration. Errors are erased. Societies grow more corrupt as the number of baptized children decreases. Some say “Baptism is a superstition.” Others say, “Babies should not be baptized.” The longer Baptism is delayed, the more time errors have to entrench themselves.

Each soul came into being and will spend some time here, in The Creation Program. Then, the spirit, mind, and body downloaded around it will cease to function. The essence of each human program will go to Judgment. Those who believed and obeyed The Loving Programmer are “uploaded” to Programming HQ. Some get there after a painful, Purgatorial period of “error erasing”. Others are sent to have the Divine Energy of their souls absorbed eternally and agonizingly by the corrupting viruses.

The Loving Programmer is in eternal battle with the corrupting virus. While The Loving Programmer is utterly self-sustaining, the corrupting virus has but one source of energy, the Divine Energy within the souls on which it feeds. That’s why it is so desperate in its war for souls.

So, the corrupting virus, and all the subordinate corrupting viruses, demons, imps, etc., do what they can to get human souls aligned with them so they can be absorbed into error’s gaping maw.

Our human nature is such that when a cause is removed from its effect, it’s importance is minimized. Those who live by absorbing the Divine Energy of human souls begin by minimizing God to remove Him as far from us as possible.

Five hundred years ago, those who hated God removed His Body and Blood from services in many state-supported religions after The Thousand Year Reign of The Only Church Jesus Founded over Christendom. A century ago, theories like evolution pushed God to an ever more distant past.

Those theories pushed God farther back in time, and diminished His importance in human minds.

In our time, Catholic Fundamentalism helps us see that The Loving Programmer, with His ability to program with 3-D pixels, could program The Creation Program, and, with a few trillion Programming Assistance, download its systems and beings in a week, layers of rock and all. That brings God back from the distant past where evolutionists have pushed Him in our minds.

As we seek that truth, we see that “Hmmm. There is no reason to believe that God did not simply write and download The Creation Program in such a way that the saved could could choose to see that He did so and the souls blinded by vanity cannot conceive of a Being that powerful. Wow! What a system! Hope that God and I win the war for souls in my case!”

Those in The Only Church Founded by He Who Fulfilled the Prophecies are given all the help we need. Like the Programming, itself, it’s utterly invisible to all but the humble.