The most important thing

The most important thing

that any of us can do let our soul grow closer to God. Reading the Bible every day helps. It also helps to read the Daily Readings that The Church uses in the daily Mass. The Rosary is a great source of strength for moving our soul toward God. As we take advantage of these many assists, we are a little like a person on a sailboat. It has silently moved so far away from shore that we suddenly realize, “I’m really a long way from where I started.”

We want to avoid going back to the shore, though from the distance, we can certainly see and understand better what’s going on there. From our new vantage point, we can see lots of people, doing lots of things. We can, from this new perspective, see lots of ways that we do quite well on the teeming shores. We mustn’t be tempted to return in order to accumulate more of what is now more clearly as “pottage”.

We are, of course, surrounded by other boats. Some are moving toward the final horizon that awaits us all at various distances from shore. Some have come to a dead halt in the water. Many are drifting, aimlessly, hoping for better directions, but afraid to ask. Others are making their way back to the shore, realizing that they’re over very deep water, and wanting to return to the seemingly safer life they once knew.

Once we’ve set our course, and asked the Navigator to provide help reading the charts, it’s better to keep going, though there are ever fewer boats traveling with us. We can get assistance from earlier people who’ve made the trip. They left their own charts and logs, as we find in the Lives of The Saints.