In Catholic Fundamentalism, quantifying hate and love is important.

It’s sometimes helpful to imagine how God will judge souls.  Particularly, our own soul. In Catholic Fundamentaism, quantifying hate and love is important.  It is an exercise with the goal of leading us away from disappointing God, and hurting ourselves, at Judgment.

The Hate Level

We may hypothesize that those who are merely in favor of abortion are at Hate Level 1.  Those who willingly support agencies that provide abortion may be at Hate Level 2.  A person who encourages another to have an abortion is at Hate Level 3.  The person performing the abortion is at Hate Level 4.  Those directly responsible for funding the abortuary are, for the sake of argument, at Hate Level 5.  Legislators who freely choose to pass legislation enabling and encouraging abortion are at Hate Level 6.

At judgment, the soul is sent to the appropriate level of eternal pain.

Similar Hate Levels may be found among all those who hate God and their neighbors.  It is important to, first of all, reduce our hate level to zero.  Then, we want to leave hateful thoughts and move into love of God and neighbor, obeying The Church every step of the way.

The Love Level

We know that God, in the person of Jesus Christ, died for us.  He represents the highest love level, which we may call Love Level 9.

The lowest of the Love Levels regarding abortion are the Pro-Life people at Love Level 1.  Those who support Pro-Life activities have reached Love Level 2.  Those who contribute time and money to stop abortion have risen to Love Level 3.  Those who risk life and limb to defend the unborn have risen higher in porportion to their sacrfice.

We may postulate that if, on any issue, we are in the Hate Levels, we are doomed.  If we are, for instance, so environmentally crazed that we will put people out of work, or make them poorer, to acheive some silly goal, we’re on the wrong side.

We should check, on every belief we have, to be sure that we’re on the side of life and love.  And, God.  In Catholic Fundamentalism, quantifying hate is and love is important.  We should frequently think about where we stand and where we ought to be standing on every moral issue and decision.

That sort of analysis is the most important thinking we can do, especially if it leads us to proper action.