“In that great year of 405 / St. Jerome brought The Bible alive!”

“In that great year of 405 / St. Jerome brought The Bible alive!”

Many Old Testament histories and prophecies had been written. The correct Writings had to be chosen. They had to be put in order. Several of The First Catholic Bishops had written The Entire New Testament. The right versions had to be selected.

After forty years of work, The Vulgate Bible was compiled in Latin by the inspired St. Jerome.

Christians remember!

“In that great year of 405 / St Jerome brought The Bible alive!”


History’s Timeline is clear. Jesus had Fulfilled The Prophecies by 33 AD. Almost four centuries later, The Word of God was provided to all who would follow.

St. Jerome did the necessary work. He was born in Dalmatia, near Croatia and Hungary. He studied in Rome. He became a Catholic.

Then, he became a hermit. He lived in a cave outside Antioch. His intellectual abilities became apparent.


Pope Damasus I was the 37th Successor to the only man to whom Jesus said:

“And I say unto you thou art Peter and on this rock I build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I give you the keys to The Kingdom of Heaven.”

Pope Damasus I appointed St. Jerome to translate The Bible into Latin.


St Jerome finished translating the New and Old Testament in the year 405 AD. The Vulgate Bible spread throughout the Roman Empire in the years following 405.

Jesus, The Catholic Church, and The Bible fit into History’s Timeline. Catholics commemorate St. Jerome’s accomplishment by memorizing and sharing two simple lines.

1. “Four hundred years after Jesus’ Birth / St. Jerome brought The Bible to earth!”

2. “In that great year of 405 / St. Jerome brought The Bible alive!”


Centuries of Christian History are summed up in those simple lines!

The Catholic Church had been growing for centuries before The Bible was made available.

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