Each of our individual programs is, in the end,

Each of our individual programs is, in the end, concerned with the good and bad programs around us. When we see a good program, a well-running human program wants it as much as it wants to avoid programs that are filled with errors. We may conclude that the end result of the entirety of any individual human program is concerned with downloading good programs.

After birth, we were concerned about the food, warmth, and love programs as they affected us. Accessing those programs helped us program ourselves to the desirability of “getting”. If we were fortunate, we were able to access and download programs that led our own program not to be overly greedy about getting things. If we were fortunate, we came to realize that, having been programmed into existence in the image of The Programmer, we have an innate, programmed desire to be closer to Him.

As we grew, we may have been fortunate enough to discover that desirable things exist beyond our own senses. Those who are perfectly content with getting earthly things often think that a concern with getting one’s immortal soul into Heaven is “pie in the sky”. The more a person wants to accumulate programmed entities, the less likely it is that he will focus on something as ethereal as the salvation of his soul.

It is programmed to be that way. For thousands of years, The Programmer has programmed each person with the ability to find out enough about Him to obey His Operating Instructions. Those who will not open that part of their own, individual program cannot follow those Instructions and be saved. Part of our job is to live in such a way that our obedience to His Operating Instructions is apparent. An example of self-sacrifice will sometimes cause an otherwise lost soul to wonder, “Is he getting something I’m not?”, or, “Am I missing something?”

Thus can the doorway to Heaven be opened.