Intelligence is measured by closeness to The Programmer. When we see pseudo-intellectual nincompoops on television encouraging us to believe in the lies and frauds of the day, what we are really seeing are human programs who have distanced themselves from He Who programmed them. He, Who is love, logic, and order is of the highest intelligence. Those who have turned from Him to worship the most popular idols are so far from Him that they cannot even think well enough to realize that they have souls, let alone try to save them.

The sheer idiocy that flows endlessly from those who renounce The Programmer and His love for all is a foretaste of the stupidity and confusion that rules in Hell.

When we see such people bloviating endlessly about how much we will be “helped” by proposals that are too irrational to do anyone any good, we should remember that they have souls, often so shriveled and darkened that they’re barely alive. We should keep in mind, too, that each of them has a guardian angel, still working to lead them to salvation. Praying for them may strengthen that angel, allowing him to put some love, logic, and hope into their being by accessing The Programmer’s awesome power to re-program even the most lost and distant soul.

The lost souls on the state-run media provide as good an exercise in prayer as most of us can find. Their smirks, name-calling, and self-righteousness are as painful as the lies they tell.

Praying for a media pawn as he or she is spewing lies on top of lies is hard, but it’s the best thing we can do. We may imagine our prayers as encouraging the angels to blaze away at the bulwark of lies they have built up around their imprisoned souls.