It is true that “Dis” is false.

The Roman’s God of the underworld was “Dis”. There, Dis-ruption, Dis-respect, and Dis-organization ruled. Dante knew that “Dis” describes evil. The same “Dis” is here, and hurting us, today.

In every age, “Dis” brings confusion and destruction. In every generation, “Dis” is supported by those who want to destroy every existing faith, family, business, or government.


Dis works through people who are perpetually dis-satisfied. Death is their way of life. “Dis” is Disrupting. “Dis” brings destruction wherever it can.

Computers give us clearer mental concept of “Dis”. “Aha!”, we realize. “‘Dis’ is the corrupting virus of The Loving Programmer’s Programs!” “Dis” hates what he’s always hated; God, Jesus, The Church He founded, families, friendship, and all with love in it.

Dis is the corrupting virus. It tries to destroy every precious soul in The Creation Program.


Jesus never encouraged His followers to destroy those infected by “Dis’s” corrupting viruses. He did drive some of “Dis’s” corrupting viruses out of people. Jesus did tell us to love our neighbors, even those infected with the viruses of “Dis”.

We may infer from Jesus that some of these bad viruses may be driven away by loving those infected with “Dis”.

Catholics believe that many minds are corrupted “Dis” because no one loved them. Our job, then, is the hardest on earth. “Dis” is bad, but we must love those corrupted by it. Love erases errors and restores human programs.


Jesus has left us His Body, Blood, and Absolution to help in our own battles against “Dis” within and without. The Sacraments He gave to The Only Church He Founded help us withstand the attacks of “Dis” against life.

Jesus told us, fourteen times, how to keep our own souls safe from “Dis”. Catholics are blessed to obey: “If you do not eat My Body and drink My Blood you do not have life in you.”

His Blood saves us from the death that is “Dis”.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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