“I’ve been workin’ on the railroad” updated:

I’ve been diggin’ in the Whine Mine all the live-long day,

I’ve been diggin’ in the Whine Mine, and now I’m gonna pray:

“Dearest Jesus up in Heaven, I believe in you

But I don’t need to obey You;  I do what I want to do.”

I know that you often told us, “Eat My Body, drink My Blood.”

I do not want to be bothered, and I know my name’s not “Mud”.

‘Cause, I just go on repeating, “I believe so I am saved!”

That’s not the babble of a vain man who loves to rant and rave.

I’m truly safe here in the Whine Mine, where I can’t be hurt by sin

Nothing I can ever do is wrong ’cause I’ve been born again!

I’ll keep diggin’ in the Whine Mine, all the live-long day,

I like it right here in the Whine Mine where I don’t need to obey.

So, Jesus take your Blood and Body and take them both a-way!

(And Jesus hears them all a-praying and Jesus says, “O-kay!”)