Jesus rose. Judas didn’t.

The evil that lived in Judas is still on earth. It continues to separate sheep from goats. Just as Judas plotted to destroy Jesus, those possessed by that awful spirit plot with earthly powers to destroy The Only Church He Founded, the Body of Christ on earth. They pile lies on top of lies and claim to be truthful.

Those who hate The Only Church Jesus Founded hate love and truth. Anti-Catholics are suffused with pride, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, lust, and sloth to the exact degree that they hate The Church Jesus Founded.

The death of the analytical parts of their minds is so pervasive that they miss the obvious allegory: Jesus, whose death Judas sought, rose from the dead. Judas did not.

In every age, those controlled by the spirit that destroyed Judas miss that simple fact. They obediently spew their lies, distortions, and exaggerations. The lost souls within complaisant media repeat the fetid swill on airwaves, textbooks, movies, magazines, and newspapers. All are tainted with the essence of Judas, striving to destroy belief in He Who fulfilled the prophecies.

Expensively coiffed broadcasters, hordes of ambitious academics, grasping politicians, all those lusting excessively for fame and fortune are sadly lost. Poseurs and pretenders enthusiastically put forth the anti-Christ, anti-Catholic point of view. They dare not remember: Jesus rose. Judas didn’t.

Soon, they will die. Persevering believers in His Church, like Christ, will rise. Those who attacked The Church, like Judas, will not.

Jesus rose. Judas didn’t.