The Kingdoms of the Ismaelites do a lot of hating.

Most Christians believe that they have a duty to love their neighbors. The command from Christ is simple, “Love your neighbors, do good to them that hate you.” While few of us are able to obey fully, for the most part, our behavior is changed to some degree by knowing that the founder of our faith requires us to love our neighbors.

The Ishmaelites, on the other hand, are taught that if they kill any of their neighbors who believe differently, paradise is their reward.

Both the Ismaelites and Isaac’s sons believe in Heaven. It’s hard to imagine that both of them are right about the way to get there. It may be that Heaven is a place where those who love go. Souls who choose to hate may end up with permanent residency in some other place that is Heaven to them. Their idea of hell certainly seems to include places where people love their neighbors.