How do we know if we are sheep or goats?

Each of us human free-will programs will either believe in, and obey, The Loving Programmer, or we won’t. At Judgment, sufficient love of God and neighbor puts us among the sheep. Those who are so blessed, will spend eternity in complete joy.

Others tend to disobey The Loving Programmer. Such people ignore His Programming Instructions. They make their own rules, often to justify profiting by hurting their neighbors. They end up with the goats. Their life is also eternal, but very unpleasant.

How do we know where we stand? How do we know if we are sheep or goats? If we are obedient Catholics, receiving the Sacraments, we are among the sheep. If, on the other hand, we are breaking commandments, we are among the goats. The Only Church Jesus Founded is the great divide.

What about non-Catholic Christians? It may be that those who are closer, and in some Trinitarian, pro-life denominations, get to Heaven. Others,not so close, may end up in some relatively pleasant suburb. We don’t know that, however, and it’s very risky to assume a “semi-salvation” that may not exist.

We get hints as to where we stand. If we are Pro-Choice, God is not as pleased with us as if we were Pro-Life. If we worry more about School Lunches than about what is being taught in the schools, we may be among the goats. If some Imaginary Problem, like Global Freezing/Warming, is of greater concern than the actual lives lost to abortion, it’s because we’ve become goats.

If we find ourselves concerned with things that really don’t matter much, like sports and similar distractions, we are not on the best side.