How Do We Know Spirits are Real?

Each mind is a battleground, in which the war for our souls is waged. One of the enemy’s deadliest tactics is to convince us that our earthly lives are all that we have. The virus and his minions want us to believe that souls and spirits are illusions, or delusions, based on wishful thinking. “The only reason that Christians believe is that they are afraid of dying. They want to think that they have souls with eternal life because it makes death less fearful.”

When we are asked, “Prove that there is a God. Prove that human beings have immortal souls. Prove that there is a Heaven.”, many of us are caught short. One response is, “Prove that there is no God, that we do not have souls, and that there is no Heaven.” We quickly see that there is no concrete proof of either position.

So, we are left with what appears to be impossible to prove, with nothing to intellectually force us from one position to another. It is from that nothing that our argument emerges. We see that the choice is between believing and not believing.

We may, for instance, know a hardened criminal, and believe that he has reformed. Another may believe the same felon is so bad that his reform is an impossibility. It’s impossible to tell if he’ll break more laws, so the belief is based on nothing but our state of mind on the subject. Either a Christian or an atheist may believe either way about the criminal, or former criminal, and will believe and decide without proof of being right.

Similarly, there is not a judgment or prediction we can make that we’re sure to be right about. Certainly, the odds favor that the sun will come up tomorrow, but, Scripture tells us there will be a day when it doesn’t. Even in areas of near certainty, there is no certainty.

So, the problem of belief in souls and spiritual beings comes down to what “proof” means. We may consider how Catholic Fundamentalism considers the problem of proof: “Each of us humans is a free-will program who is programmed to make choices about what to believe. If we make the right choices, we get to go to Heaven. If we don’t, then we won’t. God, The Loving Programmer, helps those who ask to make the correct decisions.”