Most of us have a Bible in the house. None of us read them as much as we should, but they’re usually there. When we read them, its words come into our minds. If we are fortunate, we will find within the advice or knowledge that we need.

The words on the page don’t reflect as much light as the paper around them. The patterns of reflected light formed by the letters fly off the page. They go through our lenses, zoom through the vitreous humor within the eyeball, pass the retina, go down the optic nerve, and into our mind. The print patterns we’ve learned to read then enter the proper processing unit. There, they will hopefully cause our thinking, speaking, and doing to be more in line with what The Loving Programmer wants.

Spirits aid in this process. The Bible was written at the behest of the Holy Spirit. He provided the prophets with access to future downloads. Another spirit prompted us, or someone else, to provide us with a Bible. A spirit prompted us to read whatever passage we’ve downloaded, and that, or another, spirit, helps us utilize that download to grow closer to The Loving Programmer who downloaded us within The Creation Program.

The words, themselves, may be seen as sleeping spirits, waiting for their opportunity to come into the mind. While they’re happy sleeping, they’re much happier in our thoughts, helping us to be better in every way.

On the other side of the coin, there are evil spirits. Their goal is to fill the world, and our minds, with viruses that disrupt our programs and keep us away from The Loving Programmer. Viruses might have caused us to purchase or access pornography, gambling, drugs, or some other God-distancing materials. They exult when they get us to make downloads of viruses whose goal is to keep our mind both confused and feeling justified in thinking, saying, and doing things that keep us, and others, from obeying The Operating Instructions.