Lapsed Catholics illustrate the self-weeding nature of the garden.

One kind of lapsed Catholic drops out and disappears.  Another kind lapses selectively.  They still go to Church, but “disagree” with many “old-fashioned ideas”.

Other lapsed Catholics, in recent days another prominent Kennedy, will use their status as Catholics to attack Church positions they don’t like.  “Reproductive rights (abortion on demand) are under attack, and The Church is wrong.  I am a Catholic and I stand up for women!”

Such changes show that seemingly devout Catholics can have children and grand-children leading parades of lost souls into the very depths of hell.  Sometimes, lapsing takes generations.

When hearing a lapsed Catholic make such a statement at a convention of pro-abortion officials, cheers will break out as another soul joins the cohort of the damned.   When told there might be a risk of eternal punishment for bringing scandal on The Church, such a lapsed Catholic often responds, “Well, I, personally, would rather go to  hell than be in a Church that denies basic rights to women!”

That pompous pronouncement is followed by more cheers from the lost.  Those spirits who’ve led them astray leer knowingly, savoring the pain they’ll soon be able to inflict on them for a very long time.

Many are disturbed by lapsed Catholics, particularly those who turn savagely on The Church after they have “grown”.  “Pro-abortion women are such hypocrites.  Don’t they know that most abortions are done on unborn girls?”

We should not argue or think about their blatant, obvious errors.  Each lapsed Catholic has chosen to become another example of how well The Loving Programmer has written and downloaded The Creation Program.  Lapsed Catholics illustrate the self-weeding nature of the garden.

Catholics who turn on The Church a generally lose hope of Heaven, as well.  Too bad for them that The Garden is self-weeding.  Keeping themselves from thinking about that prevents them from being as hurtful as they can.