The left loves recessions, depressions, and unemployment.

In the great depression, at the end of the 1920s and going through most of the 1930s, socialists forced the Federal Government to stop printing money. That turned what had been a recession into a deep depression.

For years after the crash, the Government simply refused to print money. The goal, in retrospect, was obvious. Impoverishing the American people made it possible for the far left to begin the vast, incompetent agencies that continue to impoverish us.

Today, the same sort of socialists haven’t stopped printing money, but they have stopped the production of electricity, raw materials, manufactured goods, and housing. They are getting the political power to do so under the cover of environmentalism.

Some wonder why they want to destroy so many of their neighbors. The looters know that much of the wealth in America is held by those of European descent. They own most of the land, valuables, stocks, businesses, and other assets. In order for the new wave of socialists to transfer that vast wealth to those of their political party, and the approved races, religions, and groups that support it, they will bring the nation to a virtual halt.

In two years, they have driven the price of a barrel of oil from fifty to one hundred dollars. They have tripled the price of gold, even as the dollar, itself, has fallen by a like amount. Americans are struggling to keep up, and most are falling behind. The left rejoices.