The left’s lies are so frequent that

The left’s lies are so frequent that we frequently can’t remember them. The National Geographic magazine is a great aid in rediscovering old lies and seeing what new lies are being told. A look through an old pile of National Geographics from the pre-1920s showed frequent repetition of the lies that Communism was helping people in Russia and could not help but continue to do so. A few decades later, issues proclaimed the great dangers of “Global Freezing”. After that, they switched to fearing imminent destruction from “Global Warming”.

In between, they worried about “light pollution”, which threatened civilization by keeping astronomers from seeing stars clearly. They’re still complaining, despite that the Hubble Telescope, far out in space, is making better observations than possible for any earthly observatory, even with absolutely no ambient, human-caused light anywhere in the world. They worried about national parks, which are never quite large enough, and the “problems caused by irrigation”. Lots of articles mention how bad humans are for the world and how “helpless wildlife is endangered by people and progress.” Now, that the carbon dioxide lies are being exposed, “nitrogen” is becoming a worry. So is an imaginary “gyre” made of plastic bags that’s supposedly covering vast areas of the Pacific Ocean, destroying all sea life around it. Polar bears are invariably shown to be “on the verge of extinction”.

There is not a single Imaginary Problem about which leftists do not concern themselves. Not one of the millions of babies destroyed by abortions is ever a concern because such people do not concern themselves with truth, love, believing in, or obeying God. They pride themselves on how far they may distance themselves from such things.

Sadly, they do not realize that the separation is probably going to be permanent, without some sort of miraculous re-programming of their souls, and that the evil beings who lead them astray do so in order to inflict eternal pain upon their souls.