Liberals Love Death and Poverty.

Once, Cuba was arguably the third richest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Even though it was run by a dictator, people migrated there from all over the world for better lives.

Then, the leftist heroes, Che and Fidel, took over. Death squads and jails got rid of anyone they didn’t like. Now, the country is in dire poverty.

The same thing happened in Rhodesia, now, Zimbabwe. As yesterday’s column indicates, people who live there remember that they were better off when a small, white minority ran things. Now, life spans are shorter, medical care is almost nonexistent, and people are starving in what was the breadbasket of Africa.

Venezuela is undergoing a similar leftist-approved “transformation”. The economy is collapsing, the state is expanding, and every indication is that it will be another Cuba. To “help liberate” the country from prosperity, over 40,000 Cuban “advisers” are now advising Venezuela.

It’s not a mystery why leftists do this. They have chosen to embrace The Culture of Death. The mystery is why so many who aren’t in that culture, or are on its fringes, don’t understand what those on the left want to do to them. There is certainly no shortage of examples.