Lifting God’s Scourge

In the Middle Ages, Mohammedan slavers and invaders were referred to as “The scourge of God”. These far-flung children of Abraham understood that God was using the sons of Ishmael to punish Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus for their own apostasies. In our time, Mohammedan ascendancy began when the Christian nations began to separate sex from procreation.

When various forms of birth control became legal, in the 1920s and 30s, The Loving Programmer allowed the beginnings of today’s Arab power to take root. The Ottoman power collapsed, and shifted South. Funded by selling the oil needed to run the more modern European transportation systems, Arabian kingdoms began to expand. As they did so, a system of control over European governments began as they rediscovered how easy it was to bribe European officials. Their bribes got European, and later American, nations to: A. Not drill for their own oil. B. Buy oil that enriched the Ismaelite/Mohammedan Empire.

After birth control sufficiently dulled the Christian faith of European people who’d spread all over the world, the increasingly heretical among them made it legal to kill unborn children. This war on life came from fallen Caucasians all over the world, mostly descended from the Ten Northern Tribes. This destruction was aided and abetted by virus-infected liberals of every stripe. In this period, God gave the Mohammedans permission to infiltrate/invade the rest of the world. He is punishing us for our many, many sins.

The war has been successful. Birth rates among Europeans have plummeted. All over the world, Christians are being crucified in one way or another. The Scourge of God is falling among us, often so subtly that most don’t realize that our end is nearer every day.

Catholic Fundamentalism realizes that we need a sound, irrefutable core of thought around which we can rebuild our Faith. The Roman Catholic Church has always been the only force able to stand against the Ishmaelites who still follow their ancestor’s example and “turn their face against their brothers” (Gen. 25:18).

The following is offered as an intellectually undeniable approach that every Christian or near-Christian can understand and use to erase errors from their own, human program:

God is The Loving Programmer. He can program and download particles. He programmed energies and particles that He compiled into systems and beings. One of His first Programs involved the creating and downloading of Programming Assistants.

These Programming Assistants, “Angels” to pre-Catholic Fundamentalists, helped The Loving Programmer in downloading The Creation Program. His First Programming Log made it clear that The Creation Program was downloaded very quickly, and not as long ago as generally believed.

Each human being is a free-will program. We have been programmed with the abilities to operate somewhat freely within The Creation Program. We were programmed in such a way that we could only have free will if we could not be intellectually forced to see that He was responsible for The Creation Program. His programming was so detailed that it would provide free will for every person in every age, no matter how powerful the telescopes and microscopes that make Him distant.

His purpose for writing and downloading The Creation Program? To provide the human souls who choose to believe in Him, and obey His Operating Instructions, with eternal joy.

Is there a single truth that we human programs can find that will lead us to belief and obedience? Yes. The prophets were human programs who were given access to The Loving Programmer and His future downloads. They foretold what would happen as The Program ran. They made it clear, in some 300 detailed prophecies, that Jesus Christ would come to earth. He, as the Second Programming Log made clear, is actually The Program. He took perfect, obedient, human form, and came among us to fulfill the Prophets’ predictions.

We either recognize that truth, or we don’t.

The sooner we move ourselves to belief and obedience, the more quickly love and truth will be restored to erase the corrupting viruses of hate and lies.