Sanctity and Sanity.

“Theology and Sanity” was a book read by many Catholics back in the 1960s. As the title indicates, there is a connection between sanity and sanctity. We see the relationship every time someone does something bad and find ourselves saying, “He must be crazy!”

We see whole groups of people doing crazy, hurtful things. When elected Representatives raised America’ debt by trillions of dollars, they did something crazy and hurtful. A few years ago, agents of the British Government sold tons of their nation’s gold for $275.00 an ounce (it’s now worth $1,800.00 an ounce). We now see the results of their utter craziness at work. (One would guess that they sold that gold to their friends, and were well-rewarded for having done so, but, still, it was crazy to serve their country with such treasonous profligacy.)

When mills and mines are shut down because of utterly useless minnows, we see insanity masquerading as “concern for the environment”.

Every such insanity is promulgated by people who do not take God seriously.

If they understood God as The Loving Programmer, and realized that He has written and downloaded operating instructions for us to follow, and that He will judge us according to how well we obeyed those instructions, they might exchange insanity for sanctity.

They might.